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The tarpaulins, itself, are no useful for the protection of the places, vehicles or luggage, placed & stored in the open air but they need to be protected with the help of the accessories. There are many types of accessories which are available at our place and are available for sale.  Cable ties is one such accessory which is widely applied to fasten the tarp upon the required object. Without the cable ties, the covering capacity of the tarps is reduced, greatly.

Tarp accessories, supplied and sold by us, include the market stall clips. These clips are made for heavy duty usage when the tarp is to use for the open season with windy air or the fast-moving vehicle. The market stall clips can help the tarp to remain at one place. These market stall clips are made with very strong and hard blue or black steel. These clips are made with two handles which are ribbed with plastic coated polycarbonate for the strong grip of hands upon the clips. The protect and save the clips from the wet environment, the rainfall, the moisture, rust or oxidation, the clips are galvanized.

Hessian roll is also a popular way of heling the tarp to achieve its object. The hessian roll is also available at our place the tarp to make the protection of place or luggage upon the vehicles. There are many other usages of the hessian roll; one is the usage in the construction industry to protect the newest applied concrete from the chilly winter and frost which may damage the concrete. In the hot summers, the hessian roll is used to delay the wetness of the concrete which may, otherwise dry quickly, damaging the entire process of the ferro-concrete.