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Hessian Roll

Hessian is a popular material in the industry and the domestic circles due to it specific nature as good absorbent and temperature-resistant. The hessian, also called canvas, sacking, jute or the burlap, is in heavy demand in the construction industry where it is used after the concrete is laid off to slow down the drying process in the hot summers. These are also used after the mortar and brickwork but particularly for the lime mortar. In the hot summers, the hessian can be wetted to keep and provide the minimum level of the moisture, required for the carbonation. On the other hand, the hessian rolls are also applied in the chilly winters to protect the new concrete from the frost, snow or chill of the winter which may crack or damage the ferro-concrete.

The roll of hessian is available in different lengths and widths, as required. The different levels of the thickness are also chosen by the buyer, keeping in view the specific usage. The construction industry buy hessian rolls in different quantities, keeping in view their usage. The basic reason of the hot popularity of the hessian roll is its eco-friendly quality which makes it popular in the UK market.   

The hessian roll is also in huge demand in the gardening to protect the plants in protective wrap in winter and the barriers in summer. In the art and craft applications, the hessian is hot in use, especially during the Christian weddings, fayres and such like these. 

  1. Eco Friendly High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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  2. High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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