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Shock Cord with Hooks

To place the tarpaulin, firmly and exactly upon the place or the vehicle, there are many systems. Mainly in use are stall clips or the hooks. The shock cord with hooks is a popular and traditional system to have a strong and firm grip upon the tarpaulins. The hooks are a mechanism to provide immediate grip upon the tarps. The shock cords with hooks for sale at our place are handy type elastic and flexible fixing mechanisms where the hooks can be used to kook your tarpaulin through eyelets, placed at the sides of the tarps.

The transporters specially buy shock cords with hooks as they are easier and flexible method of tying down the luggage racks, surf boards, canoes and luggage upon the vehicles. The hooks are normally made with UV plastic and are abrasion resistant, colored, and fitted with plastic coated metal hooks. The hooks are typically made with very strong, hard and durable blue or black steel which is plastic coated to protect it from the rust, oxidation or from environmental population.

The hooks are attached to both sides of the shock cords which are 6mm or 8mm thick. If you want to use to control and fasten the bungee, the large shock cords with hooks are applied which are fitted with a color and brace to stop and held the bungee. But, the heavier type of the bungee is 8mm to 10mm size thick. Shock cords for sale at our place are hot popular for the high standard of quality where you can buy shock cord with hooks at desirable rates.  


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