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Shock Cord with Toggle

One of the main accessories for the tight fastening and firm grip of the tarp upon the places, upon the vehicles and Shock cord. For the best performance of the tarps, the good quality shock cords are a must or the tarps cannot achieve the specific purpose of the tarps.

To provide the best fastening service and grip upon the tarps, the shock cords with toggle are a very useful accessory. The specific industry standard of the shock cord is 30cm and after the stretch, the size of the shock cordsfor sale is increased to 40cm. To fit the shock cord into the eyelets of the tarps, the cords are fitted with the toggles upon one or the both sides of the shock cords.

The toggles are made with the strong and durable polycarbonate material and are available in the black, silver of the PVC ranges. Autolocking toggles are reusable 2-part swivel fixing which is just 6cm long shock. The toggles are best used when they are made with the best quality materials. The quality is our best ingredient which is not bargained at any cost and the high standard of quality is the reason which makes us popular in the UK market.

There are many other discounts which are available to you where the shock cord for sale are available at discounted prices from us. If you want the discounts, you must contact our marketing team who may consider your offer and may decide to give you the due discounts.       


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