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Shock Cord

Shock cords, are the ones which are used by the people to hold the tarpaulins in place by attaching them to the edges of the tarpaulins whereas the other side of the cords is usually attached to the surface or some fixed holder.  These shock cords are usually made from special materials to make them shock-proof and add elasticity.

We offer the elastic shock cord in different colors including the green, red, black, white and more. You may also choose different sizes for the shock cord hand where different thickness and lengths are offered. Theshock cord reels are offered on which the shock cords are rolled to make it easy for the cords to be unrolled when they are to be used.

These shock cords are usually made from elastic materials like plastic which are aimed to provide elasticity while providing the purpose of keeping the tarpaulins in place. These cords are designed in such a way that they can be stretched to a certain limit without getting damaged and still get back to its original place without getting damaged. We can supply the shock cords to your desired location in the United Kingdom at reasonable rates where we make sure that no compromises are made on the quality of the products.


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