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Snap 'n' Tap Eyelets

Even if the best tarps cannot work excellently without the good and reliable accessories. If the tarp is not placed and held strongly and firmly upon the place, moving vehicle or the luggage stored in the open space and environment, the specific object and the cost incurred upon the tarps may not be recovered fully. The main type of the accessories, available at our place, is snap ‘n’ tap eyelets. These eyelets snap n tap eyelets are used upon the sides of the tarp sheet for the rope to pass through. These are fixed on the sides of the tarp at the appropriate space and distance to facilitate the rope fastening and to lengthen the life span of your tarpaulin.

The specific and industry standards of the tap eyelets are 12mm and 20mm diameter and are made in different colors. For the strong and durable usage, the tap eyelets UK are made with UV stabilized polycarbonate in order to make the eyelets rust free and to save them from process of oxidation. Some of eyelets are made with the bronze metal. Bronze eyelets are mainly used to replace the broken eyelets as these can be used with mallet.

Buy snap n tap eyelet sand apply them at the sides of the tarp with the help of the mallet and the bond to fix them tightly. To use, simply pierce a hole in the material and fit the eyelets in the holes. The eyelets kits are available with guarantees to withstand the pressures.  

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