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Bungee Cord

For the tarpaulin users, the major problem is the fast and tight grip of the tarps at the place, vehicle or the luggage, stored in the open space. For the purpose, many accessories are used which ranges from the bungee cords to the shock cords.

The heavy duty bungee cord is the rope which is used to fasten the tarpaulin at the place. The bungee cord is made with different materials, in different lengths and diameters. If the tarp is to be used at the place where wind or rain pressure is heavy, the high diameter bungee cord is used.

On the other hand, if the tarp is used at the place where mild pressure is coming upon the tarp, the shock cord with the lesser diameter is used to keep the tarp at the right and required place.

Black bungee cord is heavy duty cord which can applied to work with the other accessories, such as, the hooks, clips and fixings. Bungee hooks are there to protect the placement from the very strong and heavy pressure. Similarly, the elastic shock cord is used where the elasticity is required.

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