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Ball Bungees - 20cm

The tarps cannot work and achieve the required results of protections and safety from the rain, water, moisture or other pollution if the tarps are not fastened. These accessories vary differently from the purpose of the usage or so on.

Bungee is s flexible and stretchable shock cord which is used to fasten something. Ball bungees 20cm are pieces of the shock cords which are fitted with balls on both sides where the loop is fed through the eyelets, fitted at the sides of the tarpaulin so that the ball is fitted comfortably into the eyelets. Now the use the loop to be fixed with any point or fixture to fasten the position.

The heavy duty black ball bungees with 20cm are a popular and widely applied way f fastening the tarpaulin upon the place or the vehicle, securely and tightly. The bungees, available in black or white, are normally 20 cm but can be stretched to 40cm when fully stretched. There are many types and qualities of bungees which are available in the different quantities and in different packs.

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  1. High Quality Heavy Duty Black Ball Bungees 20cm

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