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Shock Cord - 100m Reels

The different types of the shock cords are required to fasten the tarpaulin with the place, vehicle or the luggage. For the safe supply of the cords, the reels are used. If you are willing to purchase the large lengths of the shock cord, bigger reels in different colors and sizes are used.

 To wrap the shock cord, special types of reels are used which are made with high tenacity polypropylene and with UV protections. The shock cord 100m reels are available at our place for sale for the wider UK market. The shock cord reels made with the plastic offer excellent resistance to the abrasion. The shock cord 100m reels are typically design to provide 100 meter shock cord. The shock cord 100m reels for sale at our place are available in many colors, lengths and diameters.

 If you are willing to wrap around the shock cord, the bigger reels are the ideal solution. Shock cord 100, reels for sale at our place are the ideal system to supply and use the shock cords. Our place is popular in whole the UK market for the sale of the best quality reels for the shock cords. Our shock cord reels are popular due to the best material, the best abrasion and the very high standards of quality. Our shock cord reels are above the industry standards. The quality is our best ingredient which is not dealt with at any cost. You may also avail the price and quantity discounts upon all the products, available at our place.     


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