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Shock Cord - 50m Reels

Shock cords are used to fasten the tarps at the required place, vehicle and the luggage, stored in the open space. Different lengths of the shock cord are required for the tarpaulins. If you want the more than one tarp or the bigger tarps at the desired place, the more lengths of the shock cords are required. But for the single or lesser tarpaulin, the shock cord 50m reels are ideal. Made with the extra high quality UV polypropylene, the reels are highly abrasive and can be used to pass shock cord through the eyelets, fitted at the sides of the tarpaulin.

The shock cord 50m reels for sale are made to work in all environments, especially in the wet, rainy and the moist environment but the same can be used in the warm or hot environments as well. The hard shock cord 50m reels are made as per the global industrial standards. The high-quality material and the manufacturing standards are kept at the top. The technology to make such reels is that which is used in the different other high quality products.

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