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Shock Cord Fixings

Shock cord fixing is a special type of reusable fixation which is used with the bungee cord. These 2-part swivel fixing is designed to use with 6 mm shock cords. Shock cord fixings are metal fittings which are colored black or silver. In other designs, the shock cord fixings are galvanized in order to protect them from the rust, oxidation or other environmental pollution.

If you are willing to fasten the tarp which is exposed to the heavy load of wind or other external pressures, the shock cord with fixings are used. These are basically used with bungees. These are fixed upon with the floors or walls of the roofs and are used to attach tarpaulins to them.

The shock cord fitting comes in different designs where they have special handles to allow the bungee cords to be attached for the purpose of holding the fittings together. The shock cord fixings are available in different materials including the steel and brass ones which are not only durable but, can also withstand heavy weights of bungees and tarpaulins without getting damaged.

We are the shock cord fixings UK supplier in the United Kingdom who offers the shock cord fittings at reasonable rates. We make sure that the best quality shock cord fittings are supplied to the customer and you can also get the ordered items delivered to your doorsteps in the United Kingdom.


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