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Shock Cord with Toggle

Shock cord is a flexible rope which is made with the flexible strands of flexible materials. Many such strands are woven together and to covered with transparent, white or colored UV polypropylene to make a rope which is called shock cord. When the toggles are added on both the sides of the shock cord, the shock cord with toggles is used to fasten the tarp upon the required place, vehicle, surfing boards and many such places where the wetness is the problem. The shock cord for sale is used to fasten the tarp due to abrasive nature of shock cords.

There are many uses of the shock cords, such as, the fixing the scaffold sheeting but you may feed the loop of the shock cord for sale through the eyelets and may tie the other side with fixed points to fasten the tarpaulin at the required position. The normal total length of the shock cord for sale at our place is 30cm but it may be stretched to 40cm. The toggles are easier to pass through the tarpaulin eyelets.

The wide popularity of the shock cord with toggles at our site in the UK market is due to its very high standards of quality. The quality is the best and the main ingredient of shock cords with toggles which is not bargained at any cost.There are many types of the discounts which are available to you. You may contact our marketing team for the quantity or the price discounts. 


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