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Wicket Covers

Being the most popular and the national game, cricket is the game which attracts not only the best talent of the nation but also the large funding as well. In the cricket, the wickets play the pivotal role. In the typical environment of the UK, the wicket are always in danger of the rain fall. If the rainfall is there, the wickets may destroy, making the cricket unplayable. In this situation, the need for the wicket covers is felt severely.

Wicket covers are made with water resistant and moist resisting materials, such as, the very high-quality UV polypropylene plastic or the canvas. Regardless of the type of the cricket wicket covers material, the wicket cover UK must be water and rain resistant or it will not serve the purpose.

Waterproof, tough and the aluminum eyelets of 12mm at the corners are required for the specific wicket covers UK. In other specifications, the rope reinforced hems are also part of the wicket covers. The wicket covers are laminated with LDPE which makes them waterproof. 

Now, a new type of the wicket covers is becoming popular which are PVC wicket covers. These PVC covers are made with the PVC plastic and is erected upon a structure with wheel below it to make it movable. The PVC wicker covers are best and highest possible water proof mechanism which makes it possible to keep the cricket wicket near to perfect dry. As additional protection, the sides of the PVC wicket covers are made water and moist proofs to provide very high standards of the dryness for the best standards of the cricket.    

  1. Waterproof Super White Cricket Wicket Cover Tarpaulin 200gsm

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    Price: £391.62 (Excl. VAT)

  2. Waterproof Tarpaulin Super Red Cricket Wicket Cover 200gsm

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    Price: £601.10 (Excl. VAT)

  3. White Polypropylene Cricket Ground Boundary Rope

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    Price: £437.16 (Excl. VAT)