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 Out of the house of building shelter is a popular and widely sold global product. All houses, factories or other commercial entities require one or other type of shelters outside the main structure of the buildings. These shelters are made with differing materials and design but they are made with major purposes in mind, such as safety, watch, storage or security.

The most popular type of the shelter is the car shelter which is sold at our place. The car shelters are made with wood, UV polypropylene plastic or metal sheets. These car shelter is sold in unassembled but can be erected in a few minutes without the help of the skilled worker or technician. The car shelters are made to protect the cars of the other vehicles from the rain water, frost, snow or from the hotness of the summers. For the purpose, the portable car shelters are made with excellent quality material which is water or weather proof in nature.

The other type of the shelter which is sold like hot cakes is storage shelter. This type of the shelter is hot popular in the rural areas where the storage of the different products and accessories are required, away from the main home dwellings. The garage shelters for saleare also used as car parking in addition to the car repairing facility. To fulfil the specific requirements, the garage shelter is provided with minute facilities for one or more than one cars.