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These waterproof tarpaulins are used as booth-side curtains at flea markets and as storage covers when the weather turns bad. Our clear waterproof tarpaulin is made of durable fabric and is commonly used during inclement weather to protect goods such as fruit from rain and wind while allowing customers to view the goods. It is also designed to allow maximum light penetration. tarps are one of the best fabrics to choose when designing and building a long-lasting bag due to their flexibility, adaptability and cleaning ability. This PVC tarpaulin is resistant to the elements and comes in a variety of weights and materials. These are common on construction sites because employees need to see what they are doing without being exposed to the elements. Its transparency makes it a popular choice for home applications. 

Clear Tarpaulins are perfect for projects where maximum light penetration is required. These come with aluminium eyelets spaced at 50 cm intervals on all four sides with PVC-reinforced hems. During building work or in the garden, these down sheets do not block light, keeping the work area dry. Clear PVC coverings are perfect for use in yards or on construction sites because they prevent rain from collecting and don't obscure the view. These covers not only protect your outdoor plants from the elements, but they also increase humidity levels, which are essential for plant growth. 

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