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 A Tarp on your roof may not look cute, but if done correctly, it can certainly protect it from further damage and leaks. Unfortunately, when a large storm hits a large area, it can delay emergency roof repairs. Medium-weight tarps are high-quality tarpaulins that provide protection against any type of moisture, rain and water. These green UV-proofed tarpaulin eyelets come with 90g aluminium eyelets with metre spacing on all corners, plastic reinforcement rings and thick edges with rope to attach to market stalls and hay straws. are the most famous. Made from lightweight materials, durable and long-lasting without causing damage. During the winter and summer seasons, wood can be used to cover wild animals and most campers use them as tents to protect them from moisture. These are ideal as industrial tarps and vehicle covers. They are perfect for transportation as many companies use tarps to move their goods from one place to another. These covers are fully waterproof, shrink-proof, rot-proof and UV protected.

Medium Duty Tarpaulins are versatile and durable protective covers and ground sheets. These tarpaulins have high-density UV-resistant polyethene weave, are tear resistant and provide water-resistant triple-layer protection. Rusted eyelets at nominal 90cm intervals ensure reliable fastening. Traditional tarps are often made of polyester, canvas, nylon, polyethene and polypropylene. Most tarps made of polyethene are more durable, stronger and have more waterproof capabilities than other types of materials such as canvas.

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